C’mon venues – Wake up and hand out the free coffees!

Yes! Another day, another Mayorship in the bag for me! But honestly, who cares?

It’s a sad but true fact, those of us using Foursquare are diligently checking into venues attaining Mayorships, unlocking ‘Local’, ‘Bender’ and ‘Super’ badges, for nothing! Currently no venue is fully utilising it. With a reputed 1 million check-ins a day and growing, I can’t help but wonder why businesses are missing the opportunities to attract and reward customers that are practically being served up on a plate for them (see what I did there?)!  Are we, the user, ahead of our time?

Or is it as simple as, they just don’t get it? Just like they don’t get those funny things called Twitter and Facebook. It’s just something those crazy kids are doing.  The genius of Foursquare is that the Venue owner has little to do apart from creating a reward, the users, simply by checking in, control the game and the Venue gets all this beautiful free SM publicity. I’m using cafe’s as an example but Foursquare is not limited to cafe’s, I believe if your business has customers, there’s an opportunity there.

In the US, where it’s taken off (surprise surprise), venues have special offers for their Foursquare customers. It may be a discount on the specials or a free coffee. The customer checking in most becomes the Mayor of the venue.  Mayors are due special rewards and so have a slight kudos, people want to become Mayors. People are visiting venues to become its Mayor. Essentially it’s a loyalty scheme disguised as a game – Genius!

Despite its current reign in the ranks of Social Media it took years for Facebook to become mainstream, and then along comes Twitter and people are still sceptical about that. So, my concern is this, I am currently Mayor of FOUR different venues in Edinburgh, when are venues going to realise that Foursquare is here, and hand me my free coffee??

Karlie MacGregor (@KarlieMacG)


5 Responses to C’mon venues – Wake up and hand out the free coffees!

  1. Mark McGrotty says:

    Just received my first foursquare noob badge – and I think to myself, what now? Completely agree that it all seems a bit pointless when there is no incentive to engage with the venues you visit. I’ve joined the bandwagon just to see what the fuss was all about, as I too was one who couldn’t quite get my head around it – and I can see it’s potential. You’ve clearly hit the nail on the head though, as venues just don’t have a clue what it’s all about and why they should be utilising it. Guess it’s time to start some noise around town and it’s as simple as educating peeps to it’s promotional potential. It’s only then (maybe) you’ll get your free extra large skinny double shot caramel decaf wet latte with extra cream…

    • karliemacg says:

      Yeah, let’s shake it up a little as so far it’s pretty gutting really. One of my Mayorships is for Hotel Missonni, I was expecting big things, (my own personal chair at the bar, free tickets to Milan fashion week), but nada. Illegal Jacks on Lothian road is so far the only place i’ve noticed really swimming with SM but still to move into Foursquare waters. Others just seems to run a competition to gain more followers then ditch the account. We’re publishing a little educational thing in the next few weeks and enticing some businesses to come on board, until then…. the double lattes are on me 😦

  2. Jack says:

    Afternoon! Venue here 😉 The problem with Foursquare from a business perspective is that you can gaily check in loads of places without actually being in them as customers. I think that’s a big part of the reason firms are not engaging with it. Foursquare “could” be the next big thing if this issue is somehow resolved. However, as far as Illegal Jack’s is concerned, we’re favouring an app with incorporates a loyalty scheme, so watch this space!

    Best regards Madam Mayor 🙂

    – Jack


    • karliemacg says:

      Geezo you’re on the ball with this SM thing, impressed as ever! I agree and yes there are the possibilities of Armchair Mayors, but this is solved simply by showing your Phone to the venue, proving you are there and not at home watching Friends. It’s how it works for Orange wednesdays, every reward needs a few rules.

  3. Jack says:

    Ah, well you should have said that 😉 Hadn’t considered the phone show thing actually. Am half asleep today I guess 😦 OK, will peruse and consider….


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