Internet race being won by Chinese

Try and get your head around this number;

China has 210 million internet users at the end of 2007 according to BDA China . Neilsons figures for the USA for the same period is 216 million. But China is adding an estimated 200,000 a day!

It’s predicted that ecommerce, advertising and content will grow exponentially following the trends for mobile Chinese subscription base of  561 million, gaming revenue of $1.88 billion and 289 million IM (QQ Brand) active users.

Can the Chinese authorities continue to resist calls for uncensored access as the numbers continue to grow. Western corporations have been blamed as complicit in the handing over of information on users to Chinese Government. An apology like Yahoo! made to Shi Tao’s family must be cold comfort while serving out his 10 year prison sentence.

By showing some short term back bone would Western corporations support the demise of the Great Firewall of China until numbers reach critical mass?

Now might be the time to learn some Manderin!