Five Christmas Email Marketing Tips

Christmas is a great opportunity to boost your email marketing results. Here are our top tips for making the most of it:

1.Timing is everything:
If you’re in a business to business sector, this may be a slow period for you – use your emails to give you a seasonal boost, or to help you line up extra business for 2008. Bear in mind that during the build up to Christmas, workers take more half days off, therefore send your email in the morning. But be considerate about the quantity of mailings during the Christmas period as they might irritate some of your recipients.

2. Get creative
Christmas is a great opportunity to get a bit more creative with your email designs and content. Create a seasonal theme to add more substance to engage the attention of the recipients.

3. Focus:
Christmas is a very busy time of year. Make your campaign easy to remember by focusing on one offer over an extended period rather than on multiple offers over shorter periods. One generous promotion will be remembered better amongst the multitude of competing offers sitting next to it in the inbox.

4. A good time to re-establish relationships
Christmas is an ideal time to try and re-establish relationships – why not target them with an extra special seasonal offer?

5. Clear for landing:
Keep in mind the ultimate goal of your campaign – new business. There’s no point if your Christmas email campaign was successful at bringing customers to your site but failed to convert any of that traffic to sales. Make sure your call-to-action is clear and direct your emails to the correct landing pages.