Social media Marketing – getting buy in

Something that we come across frequently is the disconnect between client companies signing up to the whole concept of “marketing as a conversation” and then getting those people in the company that need to engage with the audiences to, well, engage.

We’ve approached this in a few different ways and the method which seems to work is of gradual immersion into the conversation through a structured drip feed of activity. Kind of like being a social media dealer and trying to get the clients addicted to the interaction. (Is Twitter the crack cocaine of SMO ?).

In some cases it starts quite simply with structured (but always authentic and valuable) blog posts which invites comment and conversation. Monitoring of the social babble to find strong conversations to start engaging with is alarge part of what we do.

At some stage, not too long into the process, there is a tipping point. It could be a tweet from someone they respect or a comment which starts off a strong debate but when this happens they’re off and running.

So the secret client participation is to make it easy, measure the results and show how worthwhile the activity is.

Can it be that simple?