Increase your Conversion Rate Part 1

Once you get the traffic to your site, how do you get individuals to convert? Here are 5 basics which anybody should look at as part of increasing conversion.

1. Get the numbers right
Review your analytics software and tracking codes. Analyse year on year figures to identify seasonality and ensure that the tracking is providing you with information which is useful in building up a picture of your traffic, their motivations, behaviour and barriers to conversion.

2. Understand your audience’s motivation.
Why do individuals in your sector use the web? If they are goal oriented e.g. its a time saving channel, make the messaging and the conversion process reflect this. Get them to a specific page and create call to actions which communicate ease of purchase. If on the other hand there’s a longer decision-making process, provide information required before allow them to print, download or bookmark pages and provide conversion calls to action.

3. Reduce anxiety of purchase.
Simple things can make all the difference. Provide your users with peace of mind through professional design and architecture. Ensure that your privacy and security information is easy to access and comprehensive. Even things as simple as an out of date copyright footer can put prospective customers off.

4. Communicate your Value
The value of your offering should be clearly communicated. It should also as close as possible reflect the motivation of your target audience. Value messaging could be about cost, quality, shipping, brand statements, benefits to indivudual, something which sets you aside from your competitors. Using split or multivariate testing as part of refining your conversion rate can help you identify value offerings which work best.

5. Incentives
Linked very closely to the value proposition above, include incentives in your messaging. This is the online version of sales promotion. Incentives can be anything from loyalty points to discounts offered for buying on web, buying quantity or buying within a specific time period.

This is an area which I’ll be coming back to later with more tips for increasing your conversion rate.