Web 2.0 and Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling + Web 2.0Alistair Darling is not a popular man in the pubs around Edinburgh. After the budget hike on duty on a pint,  the Utopia in Easter Road, has made it clear that he’s not welcome. A call to arms on the blog Musings of a Reactionary Snob has galvanised some web2.0’ers and now pubs in Oxfordshire are standing with their Leith counterparts. A Facebook group called “Alistair Darling your barred”  has over 200 members.


News of my demise…

The glee with which the 5% downturn in Facebook traffic b/w Dec 07 and Jan 08, was reported was quite unsettling, remember the print papers during the dotcom bust anyone? (shudder)

So lets put it in context. First of all the traffic is 712% up than January 2007. Secondly there doesn’t seem to have been so much of a down turn as a stats error with Comscore’s panel changing as college kids went back to school in September, knocking out trend figures.

Stuff you should know about Facebook.

  • Facebook has over 64 million active users, 8 million from the UK.
  • Largest growth rate is now in the over 25s
  • Half of active users visit the site daily with average user visiting for 20 minutes
  • 14 million photos uploaded daily (put this in the context of Flickr 3-5 million daily)
  • 450 people work at Facebook with 65 billion page views per month