Google Ad Manager… just think about it..

Okay, so I mentioned Google Ad Manager before, but you know it really deserves another look. This is potentially a revolutionary change in online media buying (what another one?). Effectively what Google is doing is opening up the doors for loose networks for display type advertising on properties that they don’t own. This is so unlike the more traditional method of audience building through acquisition or creation of own portals (AOL buying Bebo, MSN trying to buy Yahoo!, Yahoo!’s investment in portal content..). it’s also contrary to the big moves over the last 18 months towards psychographic  (behavioural with aspirations) ad serving across controlled networks (MSN and Yahoo!).

Google has again stolen a march on the marketing industry. Why hadn’t we thought of that.  (doh!) Google has already transformed analytics with the launch of GA last year, now they will be able to collate behavioural informaiton across multiple non-owned sites with the potential of selling ad space across a huge network of both niched (great for goal oriented web users) and community based sites (great from brand).

With the Double Click green light and this service being tagged onto the Adsense network which is already trusted by advertisers, this move is a bit of a marketing wow for the boys in Palo Alto.