Salesforce, Google Apps and the flash drive laptop

Salesforce has joined forces with Google Apps, adding mail, docs and calendar features to Salesforce’s already existing Adwords tool.

So what’s the big deal? Salesforce users are more likely to have their own laptops and commercial applications, e.g. Microsoft’s Office package with it’s Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel etc. From where we are, this move looks like a nice-to-have but not something which will radically change the way commercial professionals work.

But..hold on a second.

Add to the mix, the increasing popularity of the “cloud” for storage, project management, online software etc and this move looks like another “ya boo sucks” move to Microsoft.

And… the increasing excitement regarding non-hard drive, affordable laptops like the EeePc reported in John Naughtons, The Networker column in yesterday’s Observer ( a Sunday must read!) and the picture of the future starts looking very different from the one that the big guys (Microsoft, Apple, Dell..) are showing us; all OS upgrades and bundled packages.

Is the future laptop just an access conduit with everything and anything we need coming over the ether. If this is the case then the Google/Salesforce move is a clarion call for the future.

Provided iPlayer doesn’t eat all the bandwidth that is!