Searcher Behaviour – where is the traffic?

Search behaviour – increasing impatience of search engine users

49% of search users change their keywordphrase before checking out the second page. Does this mean that searchers are growing increasingly impatient with the results served by search engines. Absolutely, there’s no doubt that in the “think-it-get-it” environment of the web, users expect to have the right information at their fingertips.

Additionally if you appear after page 3 in the SERPs for a phrase, you can expect only 2% of users to go that far down the list. A whopping 68% of searchers don’t venture past the first page.

TAKEOUT – Your listing on the search engine returned page(SERP) not only has to be in the top listings on the top page, it needs to be as compelling as possible. Engage the searcher with content which meets their needs.  It goes back to understanding searcher demand and levels of intent. Too many keyword research projects focus solely on looking at volume and search share. This misses out half of the equation and has optimisers placing effort in the wrong keywords – lowering ROI. By understanding how searchers behave, how they communicate their needs and relfecting this in your content and messaging, you balance traffic volume with relevancy.

Search isn’t about throwing as much at the wall and hoping some of it will stick. The search industry is full of people being busy achieving nothing. By applying communication principles to search, commercial and communication objectives have a better chance of being met.