Talk Talk anger at BPI

Life can’t be dull at The Carphone Warehouse. Remember Talk Talk shook up the world of telecoms by being first to market with its “free broadband” offer. Then there was the huge difficulty of trying to service the offer with Talk Talk and The Carphone Warehouse’s customer service being completely panned by the press at every turn. There was the purchase of AOL UK and its LLU capacity putting The Carphone Warehouse in a more market capable position; and with an eye clearly to the future of  voice, video, mobile and broadband. A study on The Carphone Warehouse and it’s associated companies reflect the way consumer demand for technology and how to service it has gone through radical changes in the last ten years.

Now there’s a spat between Charles Dunstone, The Carphone Warehouse supremo, and the British Phonogrpahic Industry (BPI) about the latters push to stop illegal filesharing. Creativity needs to be supported and recognised so nobody who has thought about music piracy would condone it.

But Dunstone makes a great point

“The music industry has consistently failed to adapt to changes in technology and now seeks to foist their problemws on someone else. ..Rather than threatening us, the BPI’s time would be better spent facing up to the reality of our times and adapting its business model accordingly). 

Yep, never a dull moment in North Acton HQ.