Ten tips: Increase the efficiency of Video marketing

With the relatively high CTR of video marketing, here are some pointers to help you make your video marketing work more effectively.

1. Know what you’re trying to achieve and build the campaign around this objective. Brand awareness? Lead generation? Supporting another marketing effort? Don’t get tempted by the clapper board and director’s chair.. your video needs to reflect it’s purpose.

2. Build in metrics for measuring the success of your campaign. Use tools like tubemogul to view your distribution stats. Look at referring sites on your web analytics and where possible build in goals and actions on your site for this funnel of traffic.

3. Make the thumbnail compelling – it’s the main representation of your video before someone presses play.

4. Call to action on the last frame of the video – but remember your talking to an audience who are programmed to be suspicious of marketing.

5. Metadata. Title, Description and Tags. Don’t ignore these elements – make it easy for the user to find you and get interested. Start by making sure you choose the correct categories. Get as much into the Title, Description and Tags as possible but be sure that it’s relevant to the user. i.e. avoid the temptation to spam.

6. Video and Search Engine Optimisation. With blended search across the engines becoming more prevalent, video is a great way to support your search engine visiiblity. Know what your audience will search for and utilise these keywords in your metadata. Host on your own site as well as video sites to get the traffic back to your site.

7. Content: Don’t expect traffic from a screencast of your site! Unless it’s an amazing site! Try the following

  • Humour – the most obvious and probably the hardest to get right!
  • Shock or Push the boundaries of what’s considered normal or acceptable (without damaging your brand!)
  • Celebrities – always good for viral. Budget low? then go in the direction of a skit or scenario rather than hoping the cache of someone who appeared in an episode Corrie in the last centuary will drive traffic.
  • Animals – personally I don’t understand why this works, but it does. probably for the same reason that “Britain’s dumbest animals” pulls in all those viewers.
  • Pranks – try not to make them look too choreographed
  • Spoofs – No need to elaborate
  • Kids – kids being kids can be a great video tactic

8. Build a community. The mantra of the digital marketer in 2008, but sometimes easier said than done. Create a video channel, use your blog, Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn etc profiles and contacts to start a buzz, submit video to bookmarking and review sites such as Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us and Stumble upon… distribute, distribute, distribute.

9. Specific landings. A follow on from knowing your objectives and being able to measure – make sure that any call to action leads the user to a page which is specific, relevant and allows them to so what you want them to do.

10. Learn and improve on genius. After the campaign look at the level of success you achieved, gather as much relevant feedback as you can and build this into your next foray into video marketing. Don’t be disheartened on your first attempt.